Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords: A Real, True American

I'm finally posting this now, because--for some reason--I had not, when I originally wrote it.  I had saved it as a draft, even though it was, in retrospect, still timely, this message:

In contrast of Palin's utter lunacy fringe, click the title of this post to view video of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords reading of the first amendment, during the open of this past congressional session, prior to her injuries.

Note the comments on the FB page aimed at ridiculing the reading prior to the tragedy in Tuscon.  

Why?  Congress should read it every new session...someday they might get it right.  It's a simple refresher course in dedication and commitment to doing what they're paid to do in Washington.  

So why are we seeing them scramble for cover while Palin secretly incites random loons with false patriotism and her own social agenda?  Although I'd never even bothered to listen to Giffords at all, I can see nothing wrong with her.

We should realize that she was meeting at a public place, too, just as in her reading...and there weren't hundreds there--it was a tiny spot, in a parking lot, at what we'd call a Sav-a-Lot here in our area, and now she's in a hospital bed struggling for thoughts and words, barely functioning, while Palin is seeking national media attention to dissolve herself from any responsibility for her very own, custom-made, graphics, and more pointedly, her entire skewed view on what?  Our national agenda?  Life?  Politics?  No--politics was what Giffords was doing--pure, old-timey, OkeeDokee, small-town, people-fed politics.  Right out there, taking challenges in a parking lot where people probably split between buying name-brand soda and generics right down the middle.  Sounds more accountable than any politician I've ever witnessed in my 24 years of voting eligibility and political awareness.

Therefore, I'm left wishing we actually had more like Giffords, here, in lots of other places...I hope she does fully recover, including the full use of her language center, and eventually uses this experience to gain the Presidency herself.  I'd vote for her, even in a minutely diminished capacity.  

According to various neurological experts' reports she is doing remarkably well.

Maybe even her political career will survive and help save our country from Palin's ranting insanity, and the new nemeses we'd doubtless gain worldwide with Palin in office.  That act is pure comic farce.  I'm one who loves great comedians, but hates clowns all to hell.  Palin is even worse than a clown, in that she really seems to think she's saying something intelligent, moving, sincere, and enlightening, but it's really, truly mindless, ridiculous, party-fed, bile, and libelous drivel.

This said, my best to Giffords, a figure I'd never heard of, but am really pulling for, with her daunting challenges in a fledgling and earnestly sensible political career.  I really do pray she pulls through in flying colors--they really will be red, white and blue.