Friday, June 8, 2012

ABC Blogger Makes Assinine Racist Comments

I'm writing this blog just so I can actually 'respond' to a cute little racist idiot who posted an ABC blog the other day indicating the somehow Aroldis Chapman was responsible for the break-in in his own hotel room while he was gone (and much, MUCH worse).
Since my response was obviously 'too upsetting' to this idiot's sensibilities, I'm responding here, but first, a link to the idiot's blog:
Here's the entire content of this loser's page, copied directly here, so you can read his slanderous comments about something he knew nothing about:

Aroldis Chapman’s Pittsburgh hotel room robbed, woman found bound and crying

(Getty)On the field, Cincinnati Reds left-hander Aroldis Chapman has been nearly perfect. He has yet to allow an earned run in 26 innings pitched, and his other stats are just as dominant. He's on top of his game. Off the field, however, trouble has been following him closely.
With the Reds in Pittsburgh to play the Pirates, a robber ransacked Chapman's hotel room late Tuesday night and tied up a 26-year-old woman inside, leaving her crying for help, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Two guests heard the woman's screams.
The guests, who were staying in a room on the same floor, went into the hallway to see what was going on saw the woman inside an open room with her hands bound by cloth napkins, police spokeswoman Diane Richard wrote in a news release.
She did not identify the woman, but said she was from Silver Spring, Md., and was "the hotel guest of a male who attended the Pirates baseball game and who was not present at the time of the incident. During this incident the male guest had various items taken and was later interviewed by detectives," the news release said.
The woman, who was taken to UPMC Mercy, told police she answered a knock at the door to find a man claiming to be from the hotel's maintenance department, there to fix a toilet.
Police do not think it was an actual hotel employee who robbed the room and the woman and terrorized her. And Chapman thankfully was not present, as his team was at PNC Park playing in a game delayed by rain. But the crime is at least a disturbing coincidence considering Chapman's recent arrest for speeding on a suspended license, along with a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed against Chapman that accuses him of being an informant for the Cuban government.
What kind of international man of mystery is this Aroldis Chapman?

For all we know, the lawsuit is groundless, or propaganda, or both. It's being brought by a man in prison. In Cuba. And Chapman, 24, is an easy target. But is he helping to make himself one?
Speeding isn't that bad. The suspended license is worse. And now this woman found tied up in his hotel room. What is Chapman's relationship to her, or the robber, if any? Does the robber have anything to do the the lawsuit business, or Cuba? Among the items stolen were jewelry, clothing, a computer, credit cards and ID cards. ID cards. Huh.
If they aren't already, the Reds ought to consider getting a chaperone for Chapman. Just for now, just in case he's in any danger — either caused by someone else, or himself.
Big BLS H/N: CBS Sports Eye on Baseball

That was retarded.  Socially, culturally, intellectually, morally, retarded.

Now, let me crack my's what I have to say about THIS:

"ID Cards. Huh." mean, as in hotel room door entry ID cards...yeah I agree, he ought to be mirandized before he gets into any more trouble...

What a moron.
I'm glad you some media idiot invented the term jumping the shark.
and what a good ol' boy hidden racist agenda we have here.  Please assure me that you are not one of the thousands of fans whipping out his cell phone everytime chapman pitches over 100 m p h...then at least I'd see something else at work here, instead of narcissistic envy bordering on libel and slander.
next you'll be saying that the communists genetically engineered him to infiltrate the United States, but added to that a youth of guerilla warfare training in cuba to hone him into the perfect baseball player, in order to affect the perfect cover for his espionage.  Might as well go ahead and call in Disney too...I'm sure they'd be interested in purchasing the rights, even if only to turn it into an overproduced farce--exactly like this tripe you've written here.
it's got to make you wonder the continuing appeal to even come to America, especially free speech, when god knows no self-respecting human being--and I am absolutely, positively sure no any self-respecting 'commie'--would implicate another with such little factual knowledge about the incident.
you are such a ridiculous poser, and you do not even care.  I'll say it: "shame on you".