Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's MORE than 'about time', here--I was held there for more than TWO WEEKS nearly TWO DECADES ago with NO FORMAL CHARGES FILED (believe me--I ASKED)...then, with no former history, they found they could hold me inevitably until I SIGNED MYSELF IN FOR PSYCHIATRIC evaluation, which turned into a decade-long nightmare for me. FOR BEING A FIRST-TIME NON-VIOLENT RUNAWAY.
They had an 'in-house' wacko psychiatrist who kept them in state and federal funds for years doing things like extorting people like me out of their entire lives.

Guess it was easy to get lost in their little system when they were doing so many more horrible things. Bowling Green now 'hosts' several 'graduates' from that system, BTW, in our local police force, AND WKU's 'squad', and they are very strange in the way they go about enforcing their own codes on 'people they just don't like'.

I have blogged about this, and am hoping for more attention to my own story, as time allows for more truly objective, honest, investigative reporting and analysis to come to BG.

So--for ruining my young life (I was 18, barely able to know anything that signing their self-admission forms would DESTROY ME, and THEY KNEW, AND CONTINUE TO KNOW, THAT)--I hope they are investigated by MANY and MUCH higher authorities who are not only COMPETENT and OBJECTIVE, but also UNTAINTED by local politics and bureaucracies that keep entire systems like this full of hapless, helpless, innocent victims like myself, and even eventually tried and found guilty of some of the severely corrupt things they did.

Laws protecting people against this type of corruption ALWAYS come to late, much less the implementation of such laws, complete with objective citizens' groups that aren't tainted by any other 'system' (like, in mine and many local cases, the 'psychiatric'). Kentucky has plenty enough problems to be going about destroying young lives with or without discrimination, especially the way it's been (being) doled out, going way beyond color, creed, ethnicity, gender, and age, but actually just 'whether elected officials LIKE you', or your 'attitude'.
Glad I saw this, glad I got this 'off my chest', and sorry I felt obligated for myself to do it in this venue. It's so patently unAmerican, it makes me physically ill.

I will be keeping my little 'rant' and blogging it, posting it on my Facebook page as well, in case it gets 'blocked' from being posted here.

Somebody has to start telling the truth about 'goings on' in this region.
Judge Rules Report on Barren County Jail Must be Released

The paper reported Judge Phil Patton ruled Thursday, the county has 30 days to appeal the decision, but must release the report
GLASGOW, Ky. (AP) -- A judge in Barren County has ordered the county to release an investigative report on the local jail to The Glasgow Daily Times, but information may be edited out as allowed by law.
The county hired private investigator Michael J. Ober, and paid him $3,500 with tax dollars, to investigate allegations of sexual and criminal misconduct at the jail. Ober later told the fiscal court he preferred to give it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Ober's documents include jail policy manuals, a document titled "Barren Questions," 18 audio recorded interviews, 14 typed interview notes and a document titled "Barren County Jail Investigation."