Saturday, December 8, 2012 'Unabridged'

I'm going to start blogging about local 'events' I find on, that, once you 'delve' into them a little, expand enough of the 'topic' that shows something more interesting.  I'll skip the dumbest Topix topics like "whose the biggest whore in town" (yes, it's there, all the time--complete with misspellings, and lack of punctuation.

Hopefully, by now WE'VE ALL HEARD the saying about 'opinions', what they're 'like', and that author's erudite conclusion with regards to both, by comparison.

My first topic will be the one that inspired the subject of this series of blogs.

The heading read:

Only one spelling error? Grammatically cogent? Plus, the entire sentence NOT ALL CAPS?

Turns out, it was a good, juicy story where somebody locally went to see their 'pain doc' on appointment, and arrived on time only to see a note posted on this doctor's door saying 'the doctor is OUT', only permanently, or at least indefinitely, and no real explanation.  As in, there wasn't even time to notify current patients.

As with everything 'Topixable', people were throwing around statements, and someone loosely thew in one about a 'psycho ex-boyfriend' trying to 'ruin her'. Well, that was interesting, because psycho-ex's just don't have any real bearing on anything REAL, much less anything that would end a practicing local physician's career.

Unless there was a nasty relationship-ending fight involved, and things got messy and nasty.

They did.

We were all holding our collective breaths about the Answer to this one, until someone posted the link to the actual court document depicting pretty plainly the whole mess, and how the whole thing was thrown out of court, not due to anything 'he' said, or did, but because of what she tried to do, and actually did use, to destroy his life.  The court decided that, 'crazy-or-no', his life trumped her career, and she cheated all the way to ruin him, too.

I read the document with the business acumen of a businessman investing a quarter of his entire holdings in a startup venture, and I totally agreed (yes, right on Topix!) with another commenter, about what actually happened, and it had nothing to do with defending the 'good doc's name, like the link-submitter had intended (most definitely because he hadn't read any of it).  Instead, it not only 'cleared' the 'boyfriend' of things she'd been saying about him (by the way, these are adults we're talking about here--the usual).

The court doc was not only coherent, but actually well-written enough that anyone could follow it, in it's entirety.  Sweet!  That includes me!  A real, actual, 'not-about-ME' court document to munch on before breakfast!

Gawmpch!  In five minutes, I'd digested about 90% of it, and drew my conclusions based on what the judge had to say about it.

I totally agreed with that judge, one 'other commenter' on Topix, and left this on that article, for my trouble:

I totally agree; had something similar happen to me years ago, where my soon-to-be-ex was sleeping with everybody I knew at the time, then hastily concocted some scheme to DVO and EPO me into court to force a divorce; at the same time she was actively engaged in contacting her old doctor while she was 5 mos. pregnant with what was likely our child, in order to get back on HER head-meds, which almost certainly WOULD, and actually did, cause her pregnancy to terminate.
This 'bitch-doctor' (get it? instead of 'witch') was as bad on several levels: first, the court did decide to cancel out her falsely-ordered DVO, which she had gotten by LYING:
she lied about him hitting her, because she completely withdrew this statement later, along with an eye-witness, and also admitted to coaxing him into 'spending the night' with her (make-up sex gone bad) the very same night she alleged he 'hit her'.
One of her 4 allegations involved him 'throwing a candy bar' at her, which she tried to make into...well, a civil court case, anyway.  I mean--was it a 'mounds', or 'almond joy'--the difference could kill you.  Even GW knew how to dodge a well-aimed pair of shoes, apparently.
He had to fight her all the way legally, and did pretty well for himself, I might say, because it's pretty plain he was her 'butt-munch' while she slept around on him (trip to Florida--it's in that link)...and once he complained, he was 'done', in many different ways...she tried very hard to use the means at her disposal as a physician to RUIN HIS LIFE. For one thing, she used her doctor's 'KASPAR' account online to provide his entire medicinal history to the local court, in an attempt to slander the poor guy. (So much for HIPAA). "Selah".
I don't know either party, but I've been there, so God help him.
Apparently, God 'did' help him, because the poor sap won...his freedom maybe...but, we see again, not exactly free from users.
Just glad you gave the link--sorry to you that it totally proved to anyone at a reading level past that '5th grade plateau' we have around here, that this guy barely escaped with his freedom, and she really, really did try and ruin him--since his brother lived next door to her, he couldn't even stay there while she used everything--and likely, this being BG, everyONE--she could to destroy his life.  I'm sure now she's trying to get him to commit suicide--it's a common thing around BG anymore.
People around here have very few workable ethics--I've dealt personally with several aspects of this 'case', a few over the past year alone.
BG is a great example of a mid-sized city with the small-town  characteristics that make it like treading through quicksand every time someone craps on you just make it worse the harder you fight; I'll add though, this--at least dying in quicksand (I assume somewhere remote) you don't have a gaggle of TMZ-inspired locals gathered around you wishing they could also set you afire.