Sunday, May 26, 2013

Justice is as Justice Does

An 18-year-old Florida woman is currently going to trial for raping her 14-year-old 'girlfriend'--for having sex with a 14-year-old girl, and the media is on this story like hot glue.
CNN Reports her attorney as having this to say:
In a statement saying that Hunt was rejecting the plea deal, her attorney, Julia Graves, wrote:
"This is a situation of two teenagers who happen to be of the same sex involved in a relationship. If this case involved a boy and girl, there would be no media attention to this case.
"Our client is a model citizen. She has been placed in an environment of school with her classmates where they go to school together, have lunch together, and play on the same team and are allowed to have communication and contact without barriers. Then when something develops between the two as a result of this environment created by the state, it leads to criminal prosecution."
"If this incident occurred 108 days earlier when she was 17, we wouldn't even be here," the attorney wrote.
How ironic that must sound to all the males currently being housed for raping their teenage 'girlfriends', in our penal system.
Listen--two wrongs don't make a right.  Nor do a million--and you can't split hairs on this matter.
What a 'liberal', 'progressive', comment by her [female] attorney, indicating no one would even pay attention to this if it were 'between a male and female'.
That's quite true--on the other hand, a male defendant's chance at any kind of trial, much less a 'fair' one, would be minimal, at best...'court-appointed' attorney, a speedy trial, a decade's sentence in the state know--'all that hub-bub'.
This is simple pandering to the liberal media, and I hope it backfires on her (the attorney, not to mention the self-serving little 'pre-vert' who got caught).
Yes, I'd make no judge over this case; this much is true--I'd have to recuse myself over her cutesy-little 'rich-girl' name alone...
Kaitlin the child rapist...yah, I'd be tossed from the seat on this one.
If justice is served, this'll be one case. If it isn't, then this will be one case that should shine light on some profoundly inherent prejudices that still taint our entire legal and justice system.
Worst of all, it sounds like the 18-year-old's family actually makes it quite clear they're on her side in denying their daughter was wrong to have sex with a 14-year-old.
Typical modern stuff; would like to see the Southern Poverty Legal group, the NAACP, and [might as well] Al Sharpton weigh in on the injustice on this one.
Remember the 3 18-year-old black men in Georgia who were tried as adults by an openly racist, good-ole-boy, white judge, for merely getting consensual fellatio from their 15-year-old white girlfriends in a motel? National media attention to that case was immediately swept right under the rug just in time for these lads to be neglected by the media due to the 'tragic death' of Anna Nicole Smith, and lest we forget, 'Judge' Larry Seidlin's crocodile tears. Seidlin even made news headlines for recusing himself from the Smith case, and even more, for trying to parlay his moment of fame into his own TV series (within weeks).
Furthermore, those 18-year-olds were openly railroaded, when a 'media-hog' attorney named 'BJ Bernstein' made herself 'available' to them. How whorish--and this, in their most dire moment, facing the most ridiculous, backwater, white, monster-of-a-judge in GA, who openly admitted his racism, even during their trial.
Hope some 'real winners' rush to 'help' our young friend, here--guys [males] with names like 'Chester M. Olester', sounds about as suitable and appropriate as 'BJ' was for those Georgia kids. Or maybe something more indicative of what happened (I can't--I'm already sick at typing this rant).
Now, maybe it's time for some real honesty--our little 'darling', and likely mommy's li'l angel, Kaitlin, deserves no more or less a justice system--trial, jury, judge, attorney, and all the media she gets--than those 3 Georgia boys who went a little too far just once, and were sold into a hell worse than slavery.
I know I'll be watching...I'll try not to leer, but it doesn't mean she's not guilty.