Friday, June 18, 2010

Joe Barton Privately Knighted for His Butt-Grubbery

My first submission here was prompted by an evening news report showing Texas Congressman Joe Barton apologizing to BP CEO Jack Hayward for the way his company's image had been tarnished by our government.


Herein lies the rub, as they say...except in this case, herein lies the entire, unedited context of my letter to Barton about an hour ago, which I 'emailed' him using his website contact form.

To Joe Barton:

I was sickened to hear your simpering, apologetic manner during the rightful, long overdue congressional hearings today. You should apologize to your constituency and all US citizenry for your disgusting lapdog behavior today while addressing a smirking, snotty-looking BP CEO Hayward. His attitude during the entire procedure, and of course, the entire preceding weeks, has angered me far beyond any other media personality I have witnessed in recent years.

You behaved as if you were in his pocket, sir.

I don't know you, but I assure you that your attitude today showed a severe cowardice and lack of good judgment. In the light of other recent revelations concerning Judge Lynn Hughes, I am certain the focus of the media will be on you both very, very tightly in the future weeks, and our people, the citizens of this proud country, will also be watching very closely as well, as you by no means are representing us, but both of you, yourselves, and yourselves only. Good luck in your next elections there in TX, now that we all are more concerned than ever that a foreign corporation could eventually begin buying votes there, or worse, tainting future elections using voter fraud.

Mike Denney