Friday, June 18, 2010

VP Joe Biden--No Slip of the Tongue!

Now, this is the right way to react to something as dumb as Barton's apology...I now forgive Biden for his many tongue-tied media flub-ups. I guess this goes to show that it really does take an opportunity like this to build character, to form a politician's outlook, and his/her public persona. Compare this opportunity to all the flub-ups, and basically you'll begin to see a pattern that we can all learn from...give a politician enough opportunity to mis-state (as in boring media-attended dinners, tedious photo-ops, even live state of the nation-style addresses), and he'll surely mess up eventually; and yes, so would we, or else we'd be too concerned on that job, believe me.

But, give anyone, anywhere, something to say based on what they believe, and you'll end up with something almost surely famous, if not merely repeatable for generations to come. Without purpose we'll flounder, but give us a reason, and we'll all turn out smarter.